At Bayshore, we are entirely focused on providing research-driven memory care in an elegant setting free of cookie-cutter or institutional mentality. Our residents
benefit from best-in-class techniques and technologies from highly skilled care providers in a specially designed setting. Capturing heartfelt moments and creating a sense of normalcy for each person in our care is the goal of our Heartfelt Connections–A Memory Care Program®—and what makes our approach different.

High Quality of Life

Thoughtful design flows throughout our stunning community from framed artwork to stylish accessories to lush landscaping to beach-inspired hues—the result is a luxurious, comfortable setting that soothes and stimulates. Bayshore Memory Care is high hospitality; an inspiring atmosphere that ensures an enriching experience.

Heartfelt Connections®

With memory loss, we understand that what remains is far more important than what is lost. That is why we use customized, industry-leading reminiscence tools to record each resident’s unique life story. We capture a lasting legacy of details directly applied to programming to maintain a sense of purpose, satisfaction, dignity and quality of life for all residents—a true sense of normalcy.

Our unique Heartfelt Connections–A Memory Care Program® is designed to establish the best quality of life for each resident. We do this by first capturing each resident’s unique life story with specially designed tools developed from extensive research.

Quality of Life Assessment provides a complete picture of what is needed to care for the resident’s cognitive, physical and social needs to be met on a daily basis.
Social History tool outlines each resident’s interests and hobbies, work life, and social interaction patterns to help determine which activities will help the resident succeed in building self-confidence in a new environment.
  • We share this information with all key staff that will care for the resident at a Roundtable meeting.
  • This process helps create a sense of normalcy and determine the unique 24-hour routine for each resident
  • Aligning the care plan with the resident’s past routine provides a smooth transition and sense of calm
  • The result is a truly unique individualized plan of care that provides confidence, calm and promotes positive self-esteem and self-worth for the resident

A Devoted Team

The spirit and soul of the Heartfelt Connections–A Memory Care Program® lies in the hands of our specially trained and caring staff. And we follow these principles in every aspect of the program:

We recognize that what remains is far more important than what is lost.

We can make each moment meaningful and purposeful.

We focus on each resident’s unique remaining abilities.

We create success stories, one small victory at a time.

Person-Centered Care

Research suggests that subconsciously we require three things to feel normal. Establishing and capturing each individual’s unique history helps reduce agitation and frustration; it creates balance and familiarity in a new setting. Important aspects of creating this sense of normalcy include:

  Personal Care

Even little things like getting dressed, washing our face, combing and styling our hair play a big role in self-esteem. And those simple, but critical activities are part of daily life here.

  Work or Vocation

Each day we keep residents busy in active pursuits that align with their past career or pursuits to again help create that sense of normalcy. Whether they’re baking a cake, painting a wall, or refinishing a piece of furniture, they can enjoy a sense of accomplishment.

  Personal Leisure

We encourage all residents to engage in leisure activities they have always loved—playing cards, exercising, attending a special event. We learn what makes each resident feel relaxed and create the environment to make it happen.

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